Google Analytics Setup Info

Google Analytics can prove to be enormously helpful to anyone wishing to gain valuable insight into their traffic stats. Through reading the reports it provides, it is possible to learn all the "when's, where's and how's" about the traffic flowing to the site. In order to gain access to this information, it is critical to have a proper Google Analytics setup performed.

Upon creating an account for Google Analytics, you will be given a specific tracking code which must be passed in the head section of all the various subpages of the website. This way, all the pages on the site are tracked allowing you to gain comprehensive information about all the traffic. The particular Google Analytics account that is currently presented for your viewing contains such an exact code. However, this code has not been posted on any of the pages of your website. This means the proper data reflecting accurate information about your website is not being collected at this point.

Because of this, you are not being presented the accurate stats of your website. Do not fret, though. This situation can be easily rectified. Added to this message is a notepad file titled "Google Analytics Code." Once you open this file, you will gain access to the correct code which you can then add to your pages to complete the proper Google Analytics setup. The minute this code is added to the pages, you will notice lots of accurate stats will begin to be recorded. Reviewing the records of the statistics which would not be available any other way.

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