Analytics Set Up on Your Site

Improving the ROI of your marketing efforts can be done by setting up analytics on your site. The best option for this is to use Google Analytics. The objective with analytics is to set up goals and funnels on your site. Setting up analytics on your site first requires you to add the tracking code.

Log into your Google Analytics account and click on the Edit option for your profile. You will now see the Profile Settings page on the screen and a link for Check Status. Click the link on the page to see the tracking code that will be used on your site. You will need to copy the code on the page and then add it to your site. You will see a Check Status icon on your Profile Page that will indicate your code is set up and working.

The next step is to set up goals for your analytics account. This is needed in order for Google Analytics to calculate individual conversion metrics. You will first need to have a name in mind for the goal. This can be a name that you can easily recognize. Defining a funnel is the next requirement. Funnels offer a way for you to see when along your goal path a visitor drops off. The last piece is to assign a value to a goal. A goal value is needed to calculate ROI for your site.

Access your Google Analytics account to set up a goal. Click on the Edit option under Actions from the Overview page. Select an option under the goals section and then click on Add Goal. Type the name for your goal in the text box. You will then need to select the option for On to activate the goal. Choose the type of goal that you want from the three types that are available. Save your changes.

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