Advertising Offers Through Facebook

Presently Facebook claims to have more than 400 million users. Businesses are a large part of this social media outlet. Advertising on Facebook has become a popular market and is worth exploring. There are two different ways that a person or business can advertise; the first is on the left side in banners or one their page. Advertising on the side of the page is similar to Google AdWords as it is billed in cost per click action. However, those who advertise and have offered through Facebook on their own wall do not have to pay at all.

Facebook is an economical way to advertise. Given its low cost, they still allow many things to be customizable from the keywords to even the age, relationship status and career that fit their target audience. Facebook allows you to target by demographic and create highly effective advertising.

More popular than the side panel ads are offers through Facebook walls. Famous laundry detergent companies offering free samples or coupons for generous money off are becoming commonplace. One of the large shampoo company offered coupons for a free bottle of their shampoo. The shampoo retailed at nearly $6 dollars a bottle. The coupons were mailed and easily redeemed at any grocery chain.

Using old school advertising principals of offering free products on a wall is a great way to have people gets interest in one’s product. People are always looking for something that costs them nothing and whether it is a free candy bar or a bottle of shampoo they will be drawn to the site. These companies that have put up such offers have many followers or “Likes.” Whenever this company feels like running a sale or trying a new product, they will use their followers to help them. There is also a great deal of communication that happens within these pages, another plus for the businesses.

Advertising is a high dollar cost to a business every month. Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars on promotions, some companies are finding that Offers through Facebook are the best way to go. Since it has such a large market, why not become part of the social media craze and attract a few new customers.

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