Using Throwaway Offers to Increase Customer Loyalty

Throwaway offers are quick and very limited offers that are sent out to your most loyal customers. It's an easy way to get your customers engaged and keep them loyal. It's a cheap and effective way to promote customer loyalty. You simply ask your customers to sign up for text message special offers on your website and then, every now and then, you send them a limited-time offer. Here are some strategies you can use to use these text-message blasts effectively:

  • Frequency Matters
  • It matters how often you send these things out. Send out offers too often and you risk annoying and alienating your customers. Send them out too infrequently, and you risk having them forget about your company and move on. The key is to send them out just enough to get your customers excited. Try sending them out once a month and see what they bring. You can increase or decrease the number of blasts depending on the results.

  • Low Cost Giveaways
  • If you send out a giveaway offer, the lower the cost, the better. Giveaways can be something as simple as a key chain or bottle opener. These small gifts are enough to increase brand loyalty. They also show your customers that you are fun and hip. People get excited over free stuff. You'll find that these giveaways can cost less than an Internet advertising campaign.

  • Fun Games
  • You can save even more money if you work with an app developer to make short and fun games that incorporate your company's logo into it. These games are easy to make and cost less than a giveaway. Give your customers throwaway offers that send them a link to a web address where they can download exclusive games and other content for their mobile phone.

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