Social Networking Games, SEO, and the Mobile Web

Social Networks and Gaming

Social networking is one of the largest parts of the internet today. On that platform, games have taken a heavy root in its foundation. Social networks are most likely to stay very popular in the coming years as the web becomes more and more mobile. Games on social networks are a popular addition to the mix and are keeping people using social networks, more-so than before. The games come in hundreds of different genres and can keep people connected, if for example, multiple friends were playing the game. Social Networking is a prime form of staying ahead in the world because more and more who you know is becoming a prime factor in the type of opportunities that are presented to you. This is remaining true as the web becomes more and more mobile. There is nothing that has been created to take the role of social network sites. People are staying connected through social networks because that is currently the best and only way to do so.

Social Networks and SEO

Using social networks for search engine optimization is a popular idea with many advertising companies, but unfortunately doesn’t always provide the best results. The problem is, in SEO, only page links from high-quality sources count towards a website’s page rank. Put simply, if your website gets one thousand extra views from Facebook clicks, it might not count for as much as if those links were received from a more reputable site such as the NY times. SEO still functions well with social networks in the sense that using social networks to promote a specific piece of content or a specific website can be very effective. It can be effective because the website can go viral after being promoted. If the website goes viral then there will be more links from other places than just the social network website. That will significantly boost a page’s SEO.

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