Mobile Marketing With QR Codes

When you are out and about in the world, by now you have probably witnessed at least one advertisement or product with an odd looking square featuring a black and white pattern that may have seemed to serve no purpose, unless you knew that the square is a QR code. QR codes are codes that can be scanned by the cameras on mobile phones and tablets. They are frequently used as redemption codes on products or redemption codes from advertisements on the street or in magazines. The fact that so many people use smartphones and have apps to read QR codes makes them an effective method of mobile marketing.

QR codes have many uses. They can be placed in an ad to allow someone to is linked to a website or feature to find out more. They can be attached to any number of media types to allow the user to view bonus content. All in all, they are an extremely useful way to link someone directly to content that you want them to see related to your product without the nuisance of an email that might not make it past their spam filter or the tedious task of copying down or remembering a URL. Because of the ease in marketing that QR codes have created, their popularity has skyrocketed and they can be seen anywhere. Businesses often use QR codes to give discounts to customers, and in-store QR codes can let you learn more about a product line. With a technology so complex and yet so simple to use, it is no wonder that these codes have become such a way of life in our technologically driven society. You can even share your resume with a QR code on your business card or visit a link from a QR code on your television screen. The technology is mind blowing.

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