Play and Win Campaigns

The whole world has gone mobile. People cannot live without their mobile devices which are attached to their palm or their hip at all times. It only makes sense that businesses need to tap into all of the marketing opportunities that are readily available via mobile devices. Play and Win Campaigns are an excellent approach and one that many companies may not be aware of. They can be an important factor in developing a larger customer base.

We at InvolveMobile offer award winning mobile marketing software that can help your business with the "play a game, win a prize" approach in advertising. People love free giveaways and have a very hard time resisting a text that says they have the chance to get a freebie. Our company will help you to fulfill your needs. We'll customize a program for you whether you want to increase sales, build a database or detailed information about consumers or simply want to have more contact with customers. When you are looking for mobile marketing strategies, you've come to the right place with InvolveMobile.

We'll provide you with SMS short codes to get your mobile marketing campaigns up and running. You'll love the simplicity of Play and Win Campaigns, how easy they are to implement and how quickly you'll have results. When subscribers register for the campaign, they can enter for daily and weekly prizes with the potential for a grand prize. Meanwhile, you'll be gathering pertinent information about your customers. Demographic data tells you who to target and where. You'll be able to send out promotional information. As consumers are waiting for the opportunity to win a prize, you will open the door to sales. InvolveMobile will help you to do exactly what it says in its name, getting mobile users involved with businesses.

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