Fun Mobile Phone Advertising

Now that nearly everyone has a mobile phone, if your business isn't using mobile phone advertisements, then you're missing out on a huge demographic. Having a phone for the mobile advert is something that your business needs. It's not simply an option anymore. Here are some great ways to use mobile phone advertising to bring new customers to your business or increase customer loyalty:

  • Ringtones
  • Specialty ringtones are a huge market. By offering a free ringtone, you remind people of your business or service every time they use their phone. Don't make the ringtone itself an advertisement, but try to find a clever way to include your business in the ringtone. for example, you could provide a ringtone that uses your brand as a product placement. Jokes and funny songs work best since people are eager to share something funny with friends and coworkers.

  • Games
  • People are always looking for new free games for their phone. Use your company logo as the background. Or perhaps you have a mascot that you could incorporate. It's relatively easy to hire a programmer who can design your game and make it simple and fun. If a game is enjoyable enough, it can go viral and spread all over the world simply from word of mouth.

  • Special Offers
  • If you can convince customers to let you text them once or twice a month, you can increase customer loyalty be offering special offers. You can incorporate your games and ringtones into this campaign by texting your customers and offering them an exclusive ringtone or game download. Make sure to let folks know that these offers will be exclusive and limited-time and will only be available to customers who sign up.

    Using a phone for mobile advert can be a lot of fun and is almost guaranteed to increase customer loyalty.

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