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Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones are becoming an increasingly larger part of the Internet search capacity of the Internet-using public every day. However, while mobile searching is definitely here to stay as long as mobile devices continue to be accepted and used, there are some facts and figures regarding their use that companies should be aware of when trying to target the mobile browsing market.

The first thing that companies need to consider is that as much as 40% of mobile searches (according to some estimates) are made locally. It follows logically after all that if you wanted to check movie times, find a cafe or see what's going on in town that night, and you're not at home, that you'd pull out your smartphone and do a quick search, after all. This can be an advantage for those who know they're in an area with a high amount of mobile device traffic by making their websites mobile friendly. Of course, many businesses don't take half measures, and they create mobile sites which are specifically meant to be displayed on mobile devices without issue. This allows for an easy mobile search, and at the same time it helps endear mobile device users who are customers or potential customers to your business because they have ease of browsing.

When it comes to mobile search features, though, you have to be realistic about what to expect. Look at your intended audience and ask yourself at what level of priority you want to put mobile device users. For instance, if you are a local business and you want people to be able to find your information on any device and at any time, and you cater to a group that tends to be younger and technologically literate, then mobile searching is a big concern for you. On the other hand, if these things aren't true, then you might put mobile device users a little lower on your list of priorities. But if you have the opportunity you should make room for them, given the percentage of searches these users are making up.

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