Mobile PPC

Mobile PPC or pay per click is the newest version of pay per click usage. It is not exactly the same as pay per click used on the PC. It cannot be because users of mobile devices are not interested in doing research for a product or service. They are looking to act when they seek to find merchants using their mobile device.

Don't attempt to combine your pay per click campaigns for both desktop and mobile devices. The strategy for both should differ significantly from each other. Segment your campaigns by device. The PC's setting is in a comfortable place at home and is perfect for time-consuming research, not the mobile device. You're on the go and you don't have time except for things that are truly necessary, so mobile PPC should be designed to fit the audience. The copy for mobile PPC should use action keywords calling the reader to act, not research and the landing page should be optimized for a number of mobile devices and should never be burdensome to use. Don't have long fill-in forms. If you ask for information let it be for something that's quickly entered, like an email address.

Your pay per click copy should be very concise, never wordy. Get to the point quickly and say exactly what you mean, no hints. There is extremely limited space in the mobile PC world, so you are limited to what will be revealed in a pay per click ad. Mobile pay per click is still a budding market, so many can bid low and get the first position on the limited screen space provided by mobile devices. You only want the first or second position, never lower because you will not be found.

Smartphone users typically use their phones all day even when they’re out on the town, unlike PC users who do not use the computer when they go shopping, dining or dancing. The major distinction between pay per click on a Smartphone and pay per click on a PC is you must decide if you want to encourage clicks or calls. Your ad should be designed to encourage one or the other, not both.

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