What's an IVR and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

IVR or interactive voice response technology is increasingly being used by businesses around the world. There are many ways for a company to avail itself of this technology and IVR integration with the rest of a business IT infrastructure is becoming a lot more common. An IVR can be powered by dedicated hardware devices, or it can work with a software solution that can run either locally or on a remote server.

There are many uses for IVR technology in almost any industry. Some interactive voice response systems can be used to convey information to the caller. For example, if a customer calls to inquire about the status of their order, they can call an IVR, then follow the prompts by entering the required information, such as their order number. The system can use this information to access a database and give the caller information about where their order is. There are also much simpler implementations of IVR systems that are possible. A caller could dial an automated number to hear pre-recorded information about a business, such as its location, opening hours, etc.

Interactive voice response systems may also be used to collect information from the caller. Telephone-based surveys are a good example of a place where an IVR could be used.

As IVR integration is becoming more affordable and powerful, many business owners should take a look into having such a system as part of their operations. While automated telephone systems may not always replace the need to have a live person answer the phone to deal with certain complex issues that require human intervention, such as technical support for products, there are still many other times where using an IVR could save you a lot of money by freeing up some employees from having to answer phone calls.

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