Google Maps – Mobile Advertising Revolution

The number of mobile devices in the world is rapidly growing every day. While not quite at the level of desktops, they are starting to encompass more and more of the time on the internet. Additionally, most of the time on the internet is spent by people searching for things or consulting Google Maps for directions.

It is for these reasons that companies are starting to allocate more of their revenue to mobile advertisements rather than traditional desktops. There is also plenty of speculation into the future, that as more and more content gets shifted over to mobile devices it would be better to have a head start on serving ads to them. Currently and in the indefinite future, one of the best places to focus efforts on is Google Maps.

Google Maps is an online map program that features a complete layout of earth. Most places are even detailed down to having maps of all the main roads and some side roads. They allow people to ask for directions to and from anywhere. This includes things as vague as from downtown to the nearest pizza place. This last feature is so useful as an ad serving platform. A business can have an ad placed based on the keyword and proximity to customers who are just about to head over to the store. There are few more directly targeted methods than that.

Mobile advertising can be placed on other map sites, or even on apps for the devices themselves. However, they tend to have smaller audiences, and thus are less bang for the buck. Having said that, a great advertising model that has come on for mobile devices approaches this topic from another angle. Ad driven apps are apps that get delivered for free but serve ads in some way. The two ways to use this are either having ads sent to the ad networks delivering these, or making an app that only advertises the business.

Of course, these devices have only been popular for half a decade now, there is still much innovation to be had, and new ways of handling advertisements.

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