Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics is one of the most effective tools in tracking website interaction for every company. The user gets detailed access to the volume of traffic coming to the website and the specific location of the users. Most of the businesses rely on the interaction of users and especially online stores, IT solutions, online service providers need to find out the behavior of their customers. Google analytics provide detailed data about the behavior of user, preferred website area, the keywords used to reach the website, time duration of the visit and other similar details.

Every website owner has specific requirements when it comes to tracking the visitors. Google Analytics offer different Google Analytics integration APIs and SDKs to track visitor data and required information. With the help of these APIs, the data is automatically transferred to the analytics engine and user can get detailed reports on a regular basis. Some of the specific data fields in every report are discussed below.

Total Number of Visitors: Any website can be integrated along with Google Analytics by using Google APIs. Custom reports include a total number of visitors that have visited the website on any specific date. Reports can further be generated up to visits per hour, visits per day, and visits per week and so on.

Location of Visitors: User can get the exact location of visitors and it helps them understanding and targeting the geographical area from where they receive maximum visits. Use can get location, IP Address and minor details like city, country etc.

Duration of Visit: Finding the overall duration of the visit helps in differentiating between a potential customer and regular visitor. These APIs provide detailed data for the duration of visit and what parts of the website were used during the visit.

Nature of interaction: It includes user activity including number of clicks, number of pages opened, starting URL, exit URL, and any specific actions.

In short, Google Analytics Integration allows detailed study of potential user activities and this data can be used in further marketing and promotion strategies of the company.

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