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As technology continues to advance, the types of websites and website strategies that help businesses succeed will keep changing. There are some very important factors to consider when trying to design a website that will work just as well for users on tablets and smartphones as it does for desktop computer users. These are the customers of the future so we need to make sure that they can fully engage our websites. What you need is a purpose built click to web - landing page.

Follow these simple steps and you'll be on your way to a successful click to web - landing page that's user friendly on any device:

Be Accessible

Make sure that all the functions on your page are viewable and usable on different platforms. If you have cool graphics and features on your page that are not accessible to phone users, they will feel left out and not be able to fully utilize your site.

Be Fast

Features that cause slow loading times will be even worse on some devices. If you have videos or graphics on your site, make sure they are on a separate page and not up front where they will slow down the loading time of your home page.

Be Orderly

The smaller the screen on your device, the less you can see at once and the harder it is to navigate. Make sure your site is orderly and easy to navigate for those who have to scroll side to side to see your entire page.

Be Brief

Brevity is important for two reasons. It makes it easier to find what you're looking for on a small screen and it's more likely that a user will start reading when they're surfing on the go. No one wants to read a 2000 word homepage when they're surfing the net on an elevator.

Be Legible

Again, the small screens. Make sure you use font that is large enough and clear enough to be seen in a smaller size. If they can't read your page, they'll leave.

Be Call-Friendly

It's also very important that your site have options for users to click to call. This allows them to click on your number and have it dialed automatically on their phone.

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