There is nothing that keeps people organized quite like a Blackberry device. These smartphones are essentially personal assistants that keep track of everything you need. They also serve as Internet browsers, cameras, video and gaming devices.

They are best known for their excellent security features. They have on-board encryption for users who desire a high level of security when sending emails and text messages. The device comes with its own messenger service for instant messengers that designers call Blackberry Messenger. Also known as BBM, it is capable of sending much more than just text.

Some of BBM’s other great features include intelligent app and game integration. There is even a social platform. It is easy to safely scan bar codes. Sharing calendars and lists with trusted BBM users is a breeze. Sending encrypted voice notes to a coworker is a piece of cake as well.

BBM can send and receive encrypted audio, video, and notes. This feature is perfect for businesses that need to stay in touch with their mobile workforce. The designers also offer email system software that can be integrated with any company’s Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino and Novell GroupWise email system. It is called the Blackberry Enterprise Server and has become popular throughout the world.

Also known as BES, it is even available for Google apps thanks to the development of a connector. The technology is aimed towards those who have sensitive information and need to stay in touch with a group. Even the President refused to give up his own device.

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