Ads within Applications

Mobile advertising is a huge industry. We live in an age where so many people feel that they can't live without their smartphones that you're more likely to run into someone who has one than someone who doesn't. One of the most important aspects of a smartphone to its user is the ability to download applications. Often times, these applications are free but contain advertising. This advertising is a brilliant way of soliciting new consumers.

Some game apps monetize their apps by offering special bonuses and features within the game for an extra fee. Other apps monetize in general by adding special features. The freemium model allows you to download an app for free but then upgrade to a premium version with no advertising for a fee. This is a brilliant advertising model because so many people decide they absolutely need to have those extra features in their apps or their games, or that it would be so much less annoying and more fun to play a game or use an app without the constant interference of advertising. Add to that the fact that they likely have a credit card on file and an upgrade or purchase is merely a click away, and there is a well-structured business model based on ads within applications.

Ads within applications are also effective because it can point users towards apps that are similar to the app that they are currently using which they might be interested in purchasing. If a user sees a banner pop up for a new game that is similar to or related to the game they have, there's a decent chance they'll go buy it. Since apps generally only cost a few dollars, users consider them a minor purchase, but to the developers, those few dollars from ads within applications add up to millions of dollars every year.

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