The Decline of The Yellow Pages

The yellow pages are diminishing. They’re going the way of the carburetor and the rotary phone. Soon they’ll be more of a museum piece than a go-to source for finding local businesses, as they have been in the past. There was a time when the phone book the easiest way to look up a shop or service. Now, with I-phones and mobile technology, the easiest thing to do is punch the business name or service you want into your phone's browser and voila!

Many people are acclimated to paying the ad costs of yellow pages. Even though it is seriously diminished in both readers and advertisers. And though it can only produce diminishing returns, as time moves on, the price has not gone down. The way to focus these advertising dollars on an already vibrant and growing advertising media is to invest in SEO marketing. By developing your presence on the internet, you will have your business represented in a growing instead of declining media. You will be able to take advantage of all the presentation opportunities a website can offer, like audio, video, chat, and photos.

Even the yellow pages are adjusting to this reality as well. By offering SEO services, along with the traditional page ad, they seek to define their own position in the emerging advertising. Yet as time goes on the best SEO companies and techniques come from innovators outside the traditional media. Before renewing your phone book ad, look over your options in SEO.

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