Location Based Meta Tags

The use of location based meta tags is not a great option for meta-data to include on the web pages of a site. Search engines no longer look at meta-tags that include keywords such as a location information when indexing pages for search results. This means that other means are needed to use meta-tags with a location for a keyword.

The use of a location for keywords is a technique used for SEO. When performing SEO for a website, a specific use of keywords is required. One place that requires keywords is the title tag. This is a tag used for placing the title of your page on the browser. Search engines also look at the title tag when indexing a site for placement in search results.

You will need to add the location or area to the title tag as an alternative to location based meta tags. You may also include location keywords in the description of your site. This can be done using a meta-description tag or adding the keyword to the first sentence of your page content. The location keyword should be at the beginning of the title or phrase where it is used on the page. Make sure that your keyword being used is specific to a search phrase. This includes the placement of the location at the beginning of the ending of a phrase used in a search engine.

Make sure that you include a location-based keyword to all of the pages of your site. You want to find a happy medium if you have a business that operates in multiple locations. Location keywords need to be added to each page that is dedicated to each location for your business operations. Each page also needs a separate description that includes the location keyword to make the page search engine friendly.

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