Location Based Landing Pages

If your business is targeting a local area, you are probably aware of the power behind geo-targeting your visitors when they visit your website. The most common tactic to go after is to actually just lead your visitors to the same web page. While doing so is considered as very powerful, you will find that doing location based landing pages is more powerful for getting your visitors to take action faster.

The best way to explain how these types of pages work is by simply redirecting those in a certain location to a certain landing page. For example, if you owned a cleaning service in San Francisco, those who are in SF will be brought straight to a landing page that offers your service to San Francisco homeowners. If for some reason that you offered people services from outside of San Francisco, they will be redirected to a website that is targeted for them in their area if they aren't located in San Francisco. This is quite a smart idea that has enabled many businesses to grow tremendously and even earns more customers.

The reason why this works is the fact that people and customers love it when they are talked to directly. People want to be shown that they are sort of the priority, and if a person is in a specific location and they end up on a website where they are told about their city, it helps generate curiosity and professionalism.

There are thousands of people who have grown tremendously over the years because of this tactic. Whether your business targets many areas in your city or not, this simple tactic can really improve your business. The best part is that you can target even the smallest of cities, enabling you to grow and become more available to your customers. Location based landing pages always work and have always been considered as powerful tools.

There are many businesses who often forget about this tactic or simply don't know how to do it. Consider speaking to a programmer or somebody with experience on redirecting visitors to a certain website based on their location. Somebody with experience who can help is surely going to increase your chances at getting more customers based on location. It is definitely tough at times when it comes down to this, but if you are willing to put in the work, you are definitely going to benefit from this in the long run.

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