To See the Future in a Blog

As more and more Apps begin to incorporate a user's actual location, bloggers and advertisers have begun to ask questions regarding the future of location based marketing and the ability of people to connect with each other based on location alone. Google maps and advanced satellite technology have allowed for bloggers and App developers to associate specific geographic locations with posts and media. Widgets and Apps have even been designed with this purpose specifically in mind. This advancement has led to many advantages and works in a variety of ways. The content that bloggers and developers create can be utilized to lead people to a specific location based on the particular association. If consumers are already in that location then the content which they are exposed to can be discovered based on where they are rather than the content leading them there. Location based blogs and associated media is a mere glimpse into the dynamic possibilities in the the future of internet marketing and advertising.

Predictions about location based blogs and location-based sharing infrastructures are lofty. As security and the interconnection of systems and hardware improves, it is likely that people will begin to automatically share their location rather than engaging in manual public check-ins. There is also a trend developing that such automatic updates will have more targeted audiences such as close friends and family. These shared updates will be more frequent but also become more centered on brands, blogs, and companies that consumers have a prior relationship with and trust with their personal information. With the advent of such innovative products as Google “glasses” which literally superimpose possibilities for advertisement and blog posting over actual locations the viewers are seeing, the market has the potential to become a new horizon for how we view the world around us and assess information, entertainment value, and our choices as consumers.

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