Local Contacts & Post Box for Contact Information on a Web Page

Any type of e-commerce site that is selling a product or service will benefit from having local contacts & post box information on each page. Visitors to any business site often like to see a local phone or a toll-free number with additional contact information. This makes making contact easy when a customer has an issue or problem with a product. Local contacts & post box information is also a benefit to any business that needs to improve local search SEO.

The best place to put contact information for your business is at the bottom of the page. You should put the phone number somewhere at the top and also at the bottom. You can include contact information in a tag that can be specifically formatted on the page. You have many options for how this information is displayed on each page of your website. The homepage for your website is the main place to display all of the contact information for your business.

Features on your site that are important for local search SEO will include a telephone number, an email address for general contact, a second email address for support, the business address, and post box. If a business is missing this information or has it displayed in the wrong area, then the site will often not be found by customers searching online.

Another option that can be used on your site is an address tag. This is a tag that is placed on the header or footer of your site. This tag will include local contacts & post box information. All major browsers support the address tag when it is added to a page. Information that is displayed on the screen will be in italic. A line break is also used to separate the tag from other elements on the page.

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