Local Community Foursquare

Foursquare, an enhanced social networking platform, improves the traditional check-in status by awarding badges and points to users who choose from a list of locations from their mobile devices. Creators, Dennis Crowley, and Naveen Selvadurai have taken several years to perfect this program, which expands on their previously similar layouts. In the middle of 2012, the company claimed 20 million users. Additionally, projections claimed the app would surpass 750 million check-ins before the middle of 2011.

One major difference between local community Foursquare and the traditional check-in feature is with the hyper-local specificity. Users are encouraged to target a precise floor of a building, include their activities, and finally, post to Facebook or Twitter. Frequency, time of check-in, and relevant tags contribute to the amount of earned badges and points. With regard to scoring, Foursquare provides varying points to users based on the kinds of check-ins: new locations, becoming mayor of an establishment, or becoming the first among friends to check-in to a location contribute to scoring points.

Soon enough, users will be able to add their unique badges, prompting a creative collaboration between Foursquare and its participants. A history page provides categorical details of check-ins based on month and year. Local community Foursquare works with secondary parties who provide insight and relevant information to their members. These companies supply exclusive badges to users that may include “specials” on their products. Effectively, businesses can market their product from the vantage point of the user, and the user feels empowered because he or she controls the activity.

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