Google Sites: One Stop, One Click Web Pages

Google Sites is one of Google’s many free services. It’s a structured, single-click, web page creation tool that makes it easy for a person or business to create a web presence without the expense and hassle of traditional web design services.

Though it is a bit limited compared to a standard website, it is perfect for creating a company wiki page, company intranet site, family news site, or simple public website. Google Sites has dozens of templates to get you started and the pages are customizable for creating your own unique style without the need for HTML. You have complete control of your website. You decide who has access and who can edit or add content.

Its integration with the other Google services makes it easy to embed content from other Google products, such as videos, docs, spreadsheets, calendars, and more. You can even add Google Apps and Gadgets to your web pages, a great way to customize your content.

It’s perfect for team projects. Set up a project site, grant access to all team members, and have all your documents in one place. No more hassles keeping track of information across multiple services or computers. Now you can have everything in one place, easily accessible from any computer with internet access. The pages are searchable using Google’s powerful search technology, making it easy to locate pages and documents instantly. Never lose important information again.

With Google Sites, creating a website, wiki page, project collaboration, or company news site is quick and simple. Be up and running in minutes, not days or weeks. Best of all, if your site outgrows the free service, you can upgrade to the reasonably priced Premier service. With Google, anything is possible.

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