Google Places

Google places is a service offered by the search engine of the same name to help people find your business. It is a directory of everything of interest in a town or area. This could include historic buildings or natural landmarks. It can also be your office if you choose to take advantage of this resource.

Google does it because people get on the Internet looking for information. They reap the traffic and the advertising revenue. The browsing person receives a very handy local directory. For a business it is a potential gold mine.

Google Places is a completely free service. It is open to all web surfers without a subscription fee or even a membership. Businesses can upload their information for free. The only requirement is that they have a Google email address. It is interesting to know that registering for one thing on the web can grant access to so much more. It is all a part of the Google experience.

After a person has registered for their free Gmail, the next step is to go forward and enter their basic information into Google Places. They must read and agree to a quality policy and a local listings content policy. Beyond this, they must select their type of destination, such as Add new business for a private enterprise. There are other plenty of other options since it is a complete general directory.

The three most important bits of information is the organization's name, its complete address, and phone number. General info also includes room for a URL, it does not exceed 255 characters. There are several lines for the address, which should read like the scrawl on a mailing envelope. Suite numbers are ideally placed on line 2.

Business owners are given several spaces to describe their business. This serves the same purpose as a meta tag and heavily influences how it will show up in a search. A person can create up to 5 categories that describe their shop.

Other data points are for the hours of operation and even the types of payment the business will accept. This is important for travelers who prefer to use debit cards instead of cash or checks.

Additional slots are for a video link and any additional content. The owner can create custom categories and fill it with brief information. After reviewing the content the user can choose to verify and upload.

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