Adding Local Contacts to Your Website

The contact information for your business is crucial for a local search result. If you need to update the pages of your website for local SEO, then exposing the local contacts on web pages is important.

Title Tags

Keywords for your business need to be included in the title tags along with your location. The title tags need to be a maximum of 70 characters. You can include the city for your business or the zip code. The addition of local keywords to your title tags will help users to find your business.

Meta Description

The meta description is a summary of your business. This also needs to include keywords and the local contact information. You can include the areas your business serves and primary phone number. This is also crucial to the local search results a user sees on a search engine.

Web Pages

All of your web pages should be exposing the local contacts information for your business. This will ensure that a user can easily see your business's contact information. Make sure that you have the local address and phone number for your business on each page.


Images that are on your should also contain local contact information. Images have alt tags to use for a description of the image. If you have a picture of your business, then add the contact information to the alt tags.

Add a Map

Go to Google and select the option for Maps. You can obtain a snippet of code after entering your local business address that can be added to your website. This displays a map of your business location for a visitor to your website. This allows a visitor to easily see where your business is located.

Google Places

Make sure to add your business to a listing to Google Places.

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