Craig's List :- The Biggest Online Classifieds Ever

Everyone that's ever been on the Internet looking for something has stumbled across at some point in their online lives. Craig's List is, simply put, one of the largest online classifieds online today! This site has everything you could ask for, ranging from job ads to apartments for rent, from a variety of personal ads to furniture for sale, and everything in between. And perhaps best of all, this massive service is free to anyone that wants to use it!

Craig's List is the brain child of Craig Newmark, who started the now famous site in the year 1995. While it began in San Francisco, has since expanded to cover every major city in the United States and a good deal of the surrounding areas as well. The sheer versatility of the site has made it indispensable to many people, and over time it's grown to include message boards for a variety of discussions, turning the website into a community rather than just a place to list your local classified needs.

While is considered to be a public not for profit service, that hasn't stopped people from speculating just how much it's worth now. Since it's technically older than many people's children, edging up at 17 years old now, it's had a long time to worm its way into the needs of various online communities. The general consensus among spculators is that Craig's List is worth at least 10 million dollars in American money, and equivalent values in other currencies. However, there's no way to confirm that because the company's finances aren't publically released. But that hasn't stopped business experts from toying with just how much money they could write on the price tag, if the company wasn't a non profit organization.

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