Why you should be asking for reviews

Reviews are extremely important for business in the modern day, more so than most people believe. With the ease of internet searches, and given how quickly people can make up their minds, all it takes is one good review to make them decide to use a business. By the same token, one truly bad review can make them decide to avoid it like the plague. The problem is that many businesses never think to ask for reviews.

You see, most people are more than willing to review your business. This is especially true if they were happy with your business and plan to use it again. The issue is unless you ask for reviews, they most likely won't think about it. On the other hand, people who had a less than stellar experience are usually in a bad enough mood to search out a review site just so they can make themselves heard. This can lead to a massive imbalance of horrible reviews, which can spell disaster for a business.

Why are reviews so important, and what harm can a few one-star reviews cause? Well, as mentioned earlier, one quick internet search is all it takes to get a few dozen reviews. Most people know this, and they tend to do an internet review every time they're getting ready to use a new company. If you're not making sure to ask for reviews, you run the risk of potential customers finding an enormous collection of negative reviews, while a similar company that did ask customers to review them has nothing but praises in reviews. Given that, which company do you think the customer is going to choose?

Luckily, it really is as simple as just asking your customers for a review. They're eager to let their opinion be known, and if you can provide a link to a couple of review websites to save them the hassle of searching, they'll use them. Aside from that, it's all a matter of providing a good service, and avoiding any behaviors that would make those reviews unkind.

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