Improving Quality Score

Enhance Your PPC Ad Quality Score

“The higher the quality score of your PPC advertisement, The lesser will be the bid on the PPC and CPC campaigns”.

The quality score of a PPC ad is most vital for higher rankings in the search engine sponsored list. Our SEM team at AuroIN is efficient in enhancing your site’s quality score. Quality score is the measurement of quality and relevance of PPC advertisements that decides most appropriate PPC or CPC bids for various search engine ad programs like Google’s Adwords, Yahoo’s YPN and others.

The AuroIN SEM team considers following key factors on which the quality score of PPC (pay-per-click) advertisement actually depends.

  • Keyword’s click through rate (CTR) on major search engines.
  • Relevancy of your keywords.
  • Landing page and ad text of your website.

We analyze these factors carefully, combine relevant keywords with most suitable ad text and produce high quality score advertisements for PPC campaign.

Our SEM services are effective as well as affordable. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to hire our PPC quality score enhancement professionals, and experience greater number of clicks, enduring ad performance and boom in your sales!

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