Improving CTR

CTR - trigger of PPC

PPC ad campaigns are actually text-based advertisements which are displayed on Google’s sponsored list. There are certain factors that are taken into consideration for calculating the effectiveness of this campaigning and CTR is the most important among others. CTR is the acronym used for “Click Through Rate”. It is determined by taking the total number of impressions and clicks into consideration. This is the rate at which your ad gets clicks and this is one of the three most important factors that are taken into consideration while calculating the ‘Quality Score’ of your ad. For example, if five out of 100 searchers click on a sponsored list ad, then the CTR of that ad is 5%. CTR is the key to Adwords and you need to do whatever it takes at the beginning of a campaign to get your CTR up. The click-through rate will determine the cost of an advertising campaign that is based on CPC and CPA. But sometimes different problems occur with PPC advertisers, they get clicks but no sales.

We are one of the leading SEO companies who offer different SEO services; PPC Ad campaign management service is one among them. Our Adwords Audit checks whether you are using best practices to get results from Google’s advanced advertising system or not. Our PPC Ad management team focuses on the targeting options for your PPC ad campaign, such as your targeted keywords, your description, your landing page etc. and gives you some important tips to improve your accounts performance. Our professionals watch the performance of other advertisers and it provides good feedbacks as to future developments and plans accordingly to improve our client’s ad performance. There are also other exclusive advance techniques which are being followed by our professionals to improve PPC ad rankings of our client advertisers. We have also other affordable SEO Plans. You can Contact Us to discuss your requirements.