Using Facebook Offer Scheduling

Facebook offer scheduling is a cool new feature to Facebook that other people are thinking about using but are still learning how it works. What this feature does is simply schedule posts on your page. For example, you can create a post today but the schedule for it to be shown on your profile next week or so. The truth is that there are some people who just want to let their Facebook pages and profiles go and let it go on via autopilot without the need for doing anything. This is very beneficial for businesses who need to create daily offers for their customers but don't have the time to sign in every single time.

There are many people who have considered using this since it can save them time in the long run. The main problem that most people have is the fact that some people may post a comment but then the next day has a post created which was merely just an automated post. This alone has already caused quite some issues with many people getting mean comments based on the fact that their page is constantly updating but the owner of the page never replies.

Using this cool new feature on your future pages is definitely going to be helpful to allow for you to do other things. Just be sure to reply to those that have posted comments or messages to showcase to them that you personally care about your customers and followers. You must keep that reputation of yours in good standing. It is always helpful in the end to be sure about this aspect. Keep in mind that you can only create posts that are a maximum of six months ahead. The Facebook offer scheduling 6 months planning should be long enough for most of you online Facebook marketers.

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