The first way that you can introduce customization into your email marketing to make it more useful and efficient is to take your list and arrange it based on the sign-up date. This allows for specialized offers to specific ages of subscribers. For example, you could reward older subscribers with a "thank you gift" or welcome new subscribers with a "welcome gift".

Another way that you can customize your email marketing strategy is by conducting surveys of your subscribers to get personalized information. This information will allow you to conduct more targeted, and therefore, more effective, email marketing campaigns by making sure that the emails you are sending out to subscribers are tailored to their tastes.

A third way to tune your email marketing is to arrange your email list based on the location of the subscriber. This method is somewhat similar to the last, in that the emails are customized for the specific subscriber, but now the emails are tailored towards where they live. This allows you to create specialized campaigns for major urban centers that can cover massive amounts of subscribers, giving it that personal touch without having to create hundreds of different customized emails for all the different smaller cities and towns around the world.

Yet another way to use customization to the benefit of your email marketing strategies is to arrange the list you have of subscribers by their behavior. What this means is that you need to sort it by how often they click the offers in your emails, and then which ones they click when they do choose to click on one. By segmenting the emails in this way, the emails can try and specifically target the types of things that certain people tend to choose more.

The final email marketing method is to use custom fields for name and industry. If you are not familiar with custom fields, these allow you to fill specific words in specific places. For this use case, you would customize the email with the subscribers name and industry of employment, which makes it more "personal".

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