Following CAN-SPAM Compliance

Email marketing can prove to be quite a lucrative endeavor which is why it is a recommended business practice. However, you must be sure to remain in CAN-SPAM compliance when marketing in this matter.

The CAN-SPAM Act is a law that was enacted to establish clear rules for commercial email strategies. This law helped establish requirements for commercial messages and offer those that receive the emails the option to opt out and cease receiving the emails. For those that are not in CAN-SPAM compliance, severe penalties can be issued for noncompliance.

It is not exactly a secret most people would prefer not to find their email box filled with a lot of unwanted spam emails. That said, many people would like to see their email account presenting deals, discounts, and special offers from those sellers they have a sincere interest in. If you are an involved with internet marketing, you probably prefer your email campaigns embody the latter. Actually, they have to since the CAN-SPAM law requires your campaigns to be welcomed by those receiving the emails. If not then you may be considered a spammer and could be sanctioned for your efforts.

Being in CAN-SPAM compliance brings forth other benefits as well. Namely, being in compliance increases the likelihood your email goes to the desired inbox as opposed to the electronic dead letter realm of the junk folder. Once your emails fall under the minimum standards of the law, they will be delivered as opposed to being blocked as spam.

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