Users of social networking have tripled in number and maybe part of that is attributed by the monetization of the paid advertising. Since this is the newest development in the Internet realm, the social media is worth taking a look.

One of the social network and bookmarking service is given by Delicious. It is a tool that saves bookmarks online and shares them. Its users have the ability to see the bookmarks saved by other users. These bookmarks are then ranked by across various category ranges.

Another advantage of using this tool is that it allows its users to access their collection of bookmarks from any computer that has an internet connection. It also comes with a search tool and a feature that allows the user to organize their bookmark collection by simply tagging it.

Another great thing to know about Delicious is that it serves up ads. It is also partnered with Yahoo, Flickr, and Yahoo search. Its ad page also links to the Right Media Exchange, a marketplace for digital advertising. It also offers monetization by displaying relevant Yahoo text ads. Its users do not have to spend hours participating and interacting with the online community, they will just have to ensure that their bookmarks contain relevant keywords for the target market. Moreover, their bookmarks should also be interesting, helpful, and useful. also comes with an attractive feature called API. This feature allows its users to read, query, edit, and add bookmarks. It comes with a script that allows easy integration of Delicious to any application. With the Yahoo Ad Choices, social media applications provide information such as who placed the ad, how to opt out, and how it works. Moreover, it invites the readers to learn more about a certain ad. It also enables the user to explore plug-in tools and browser controls to help maintain and set privacy preferences.

When it comes to advertising, may not be for everyone. Some people may not want to use it to earn extra money while some individuals are wildly enthusiastic about it. Regardless which side you are taking, Delicious is simply a social media that makes a good advertising venue for those who want to give their business an online visibility.

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