Create Your Own Custom Twitter Page

Creating a custom Twitter page can be done using one of two methods that are available to users. Your options include using a ready-made theme that is available on the site or customizes a your own design to use on the site. The option that you choose is based on the type of result you desire.

The use of a ready-made theme requires you to first log into your account. You then need to go into the Settings section of your profile from the drop-down on the navigation bar. The next step is to select the option for Design on the left side of the page. A selection of ready-made themes will be available for a new design. Scroll through the themes that are available and then click on an option. Click Save that is at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Customizing the design is done on the same page as the ready-made themes. This option allows you to upload your own image to use for page design. If you have a file that you want to use, then click on the Choose file button. Navigate to the file on your system and then click the Open button. The file will be uploaded to Twitter. If you want the image to appear tiled along the background, then check the box for Tile background. You also have the option to choose a background color if your uploaded image is not too big. The next option you have is to choose a color for your links on the page. You need to click the Save changes button to see the results of your custom Twitter page.

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