Value Hierarchies

Most eCommerce marketers confess they have a problem converting visitors into customers. While there can be plenty of reasons why visitors don't turn into customers, one main reason is the marketer is not pushing the visitor past his emotional tipping point. Some customers purchase based off logic, but most customers make purchases based off emotions.

A great way to appeal to visitors' emotions is to create value hierarchies. Essentially, it is just a list of benefits. Many marketers refer to it as a benefits bullet list. You may have seen a benefits bullet list on television advertisements, magazines and other eCommerce websites.

For example, a vitamin company may have a new product that can truly help consumers in many areas of their personal health. To demonstrate these benefits, the marketing team within the company creates a benefit bullet list. It may include:

  • Increased energy
  • Increased metabolism
  • Improved eyesight
  • Greater immune system
  • The company can then proceed to list these benefits in comparison to the weaker benefits of competing products. This list will help the company push visitors past their emotional tipping point, thus resulting in increased conversions.

    Of course, the best way to ensure that visitors are pushed over their emotional tipping point, marketing teams should use value hierarchies by listing the strongest benefits on the top of the list.

    People scan content. Therefore, they may only truly read the first couple words on the list. Making sure that the benefits they see are the strongest is the best way to ensure that they reach their tipping point faster.

    Lastly, always make sure you follow up a benefits bullet list with strong content that further explains the product. The list alone will not create a strong emotional buy-in.

    Use these tips in your marketing strategy. Also, make sure you keep record of your product's analytics. If possible, create a table to keep track of what on your site is causing the conversions. This will help you revise your marketing strategy, using your best marketing tools first.

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