Trigger Words

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is a type of marketing used in advertising to gain the attention of potential clients or customers. Services and businesses depend on it to make sure their advertisements or websites are the first things seen by a consumer upon search on various engines. It is the fastest growing marketing secret used in years.

SEO uses keywords in strategic parts of an Ad or article to raise the likeliness of an Ad being seen by its target audience. The more times a word appears, the more likely the ad is to be featured at the top of search results. However, it takes strategy and practice to learn how to use SEO properly.

One method that is most commonly used at this time is the use of trigger words. Trigger words are words that grab the attention of a reader quickly. The marketing world is full of this product and that service. All of these businesses are fighting for the attention of one consumer. Using trigger words is one way to get a consumer to pay attention to the advertisement being put out.

Examples of these words include, but are not limited to, "Listen to this!", "Warning!" or "Need .... ?" These words all tell the reader they're about to hear something important, and will provoke them to read on, and see what the rest of the advertisement is about.

These words also ask them to do something. They specify what the reader needs to do in response to the advertisement or article. Sometimes, SEO articles and Advertisements are solely depended on them to make sure it is read or at least skimmed over.

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