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A website that fails to get its visitors to carry out the intended tasks is of no use. For every website, there is a particular action that the website owner wants his users to perform. Some of these actions can include selling a product, generating product inquiries, or perhaps providing information to help visitor make informed decisions.

Split testing, also called A/B testing, is a method of splitting the website traffic between two or more variations of the same web page. Through split tests, the website owner can identify factors on the web page that are more successful at getting the visitor to perform the desired action, also known as conversion.

Some factors that may be assessed during split tests include:

Image: Compare rate of conversion for a landing page with the image of a person versus a landing page with image of a product

Positioning of Icons and Logos: Shifting the shopping cart button to determine the spot where it encourages most users to click it

Forms: Compare the response rate of a form with lesser elements with an elaborate form.

With A/B testing, a website owner can only test one element of the website page at a time. For faster improvements, another testing method known as multivariate testing is used to test different elements on the page at the same time. For most websites though, A/B split testing is the preferred method of improving the conversion rate over time.

A/B split testing is a powerful tool that empowers website owners with informed decisions about improving the conversion rate of the website. It highlights combinations of website elements that are likely to deliver optimal results with a high degree of precision. Benefits of split tests include:

Reduce website's bounce rate
Give website visitors a more interactive website experience
Increase conversions, such as product sales, newsletter signups etc.

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