Risk Reversal Analysis – A Marketing Strategy

Whether you sell products or services online, your business could always improve if you choose to practice the Risk Reversal Analysis marketing strategy! It is a very easy thing to do to improve both traffic flow to your website and to also increase overall sales.


In short, risk reversal marketing strategy refers to any sales proposition that offers a customer a guarantee with products and/or services. In every sale, either the buyer or the seller assumes the risk of the transaction. If you are the owner of a product, it is in your best interest to eliminate the feeling of risk on the behalf of your potential customers!

Basically, consumers are hesitant by nature to buy a service or product that they have never used; they do not know if the product or service really works so they are taking a risk the first time they buy. Often, if they feel the risk is greater than any possible outcome offered by your product or service, you will not get them as a customer.


In order to eliminate the feeling of risk to a potential client, you need to level the playing field; you need to leave them feeling that choosing your product/service is safe because if it doesn't work out, they still get something in return. The best form of the risk reversal is a guarantee.

The guarantee can be a full money-back guarantee or can state that you will replace products/services. Your business benefits from this Risk Reversal Analysis strategy because there will be far fewer customers requesting the guarantee than those keeping your products/services. Your customers will end up happy and have peace of mind and you will see an increase in traffic and sales!

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