Promote Your Business By Adding a Refer-a-Friend Service

In today's market, it is critical to creating and maintain a website that is well-planned and customer-friendly, easy to use and that adequately promotes your products or services. Each new customer means potential repeat business.

While repeat customers are important, growing a business produces a need to expand not just one repeat customer at a time, but also exponentially. Providing a refer a friend service is one method of using presently satisfied customers to gain new customers. Each new customer using the friend referral service to reach out to multiple friends greatly increases the potential for expansion with many more repeat customers.

What does a refer a friend service do? It encourages your present customers to let their friends know about your company. The easier you make using the friend referral service, the more likely customers will be to take the time to give you contact information for those they believe would use your products or services.

Place the friend referral service on the “Thank You Page” where a customer will not miss it. Placing it on this page also ensures you are reaching customers and not just the average person checking out your website.

While ease of use will encourage some customers to refer their friends, adding value will further encourage the use of the friend referral service. Offer a perk, such as a discount, a free item or value-added download.

Those receiving an email or notice from a business consider it junk mail or some sort of scam. However, if a potential customer understands another friend recommended the business, that person is more likely to check out the website and become a customer. Because satisfied customers recommend your product or services, your brand image is actually enhanced.

The more customers who buy your product or services, the more customers you have who will recommend them for the use of the refer a friend service.

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