Organizing the Content

With the explosion of content on the web, your consumers likely have a large number of options to choose from when determining where to get products and information. Whether you run an online business or a blog, presenting a clean and informative layout is essential to creating and maintaining a strong customer presence.

Search engine optimization is currently a hot topic among businesses seeking to climb the ranks of search engine results. However, while making sure that potential consumers can reach your site, it’s important to make sure that they stay once they get to your site. A first impression can leave a lasting impression and thus organize the content of your website in a clear, stylish and innovative way is essential to creating a successful site. If you find yourself designing the content of your site primarily with a search bot in mind, you’re neglecting the real target audience – your consumer.

A large number of off the shelf products can have you creating professional looking sites in no time. There is even a discipline – human factors engineering – dedicated to organizing the content of websites in a clear, intuitive, and accessible way. There’s a wealth of content on any subject on the web. Truly successful sights know the value and importance of arranging that content in a readable and intuitive way.

When designing your page think about the type of message you want to convey and the areas of your site – whether that be products, testimonials, videos, etc – that you wish to highlight. Use this vision of your sight to guide how you organize your web content. Ensure that your homepage is simple and direct. And always consider the potential technical limitations of your target audience. You might have the world’s best high definition full-length informative video but if your consumers are going to have issues streaming or downloading, the video it may never get viewed.

The content of your website is only as effective as the manner in which it is presented. Take the time to make sure that your message doesn’t get drowned out by a poor layout.

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