Optimum Link Length Strategy

Why you need to consider using links in your articles to your other pages

Creating links in your articles and blog posts to other pages from your site can be very helpful for a variety of reasons. One of the main benefits it offers is the chance to see how your readers are scanning and going through your site. It can also be the perfect chance to lead them to a special page like a squeeze page to instantly make them your customers. Those who forget to use this tend to believe that links from other websites are all you need for SEO, but on page SEO and even growing your optimum link length is just as important. Posting links from one page to another can be a great SEO strategy.

Almost every website that you see online does this SEO strategy. It can be quite profitable and may be a wonderful tactic to get more leads when you use them. The important thing for you to keep in mind is that you must bring your visitors to relevant content. For example, if the link was leading to a page that teaches how to sing higher, make sure that the words "how to sing higher" are highlighted and ready to bring visitors to that page. Do not create a link to that page with the words "you can do it" or anything else that is irrelevant. You want to help your readers in a more effective way, and this simple tactic can do it.

Since your readers will basically be shown where they are going, it can help make your website look as if your main goal really is to help out your visitors. You can easily grow your optimum link length with the help of this powerful little secret. Just make sure that you are linking directly to different pages so that you have chances of getting more of your hidden sites to get traffic.

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