Optimizing Conversion Path

If you are spending your advertising budget on driving traffic to your site, your number one goal is visitor conversion. Optimizing conversion path is the key to ensuring that your conversion rate is maximized.

Optimizing conversion path requires you to create the path of least resistance for your visitor. This means that you want as few steps as possible from the landing page to the add to cart button, newsletter sign up, or whatever action you want the customer to complete.

The ideal conversion path would be one that allows the customer to complete the desired action on the landing page. For example, the customer lands on a page for your newsletter sign up, enters their email address, and clicks submit.

The more steps that the visitor needs to complete, the less likely they will complete the conversion process. Website visitors have very little patience and are pressed for time. Waste their time and you may lose them forever.

Best Practices for Optimizing Conversion Path

For newsletter sign ups, require as little information as possible. Having a single input box where the visitor enters their email address and clicks submit is best. If visitors have to input their name, address, or any other information, they are less likely to sign up.

For product sales, make it very easy for a visitor to add a product to their cart or proceed directly to checkout. Larger add to cart or checkout buttons work best - tell the visitor what to do.

The checkout process should be as easy as possible. All required address and credit card information should be able to be entered on a single page. There should be no duplicate entry of shipping and billing address required if it is the same.

Determining Where You Process Failed

Using website analytics is a powerful tool in determining where your process failed. Analytics allow you to track visitor behavior to see what page the visitor exited from and how long they stayed on each page. This can provide valuable insight into which pages convert better than others.

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