Tips on designing landing pages

Designing landing pages can be a tough task to accomplish. The simple truth is that people who visit your website will have to be told what to do and what is best for them to learn from your site. Did you know that a landing page is what can actually cause potential visitors become buyers? For those who don't know, a landing page is a place where you bring your readers. If they have read about your website in an article, the place those visitors will go to is your landing page or the main page of your website. However, it is not uncommon for people to create their own landing page rather than just the main page.

Tips on designing landing pages

  • Utilize A Subscription Form
  • Those who visit your website may never come back. While your landing page should never become simply a squeeze page, adding in an additional subscription form can cause your visitors to be updated via email about future promotions.

  • Lead Your Visitors
  • A landing page that is way too long can cause bad conversions for some people. However, it is always good to split test everything since most sales pages are very long and can easily make people buy the product on that sales page. The goal of your landing page is to cause your visitors to be lead to your solution being offered. If it is singing tips which you are offering, talk about how difficult it is to sing, along with why they need training. Consistently lead your visitors to do what you want them to do, which is to buy a product or sign up to your list.

    If there was one thing that you wanted to do with your visitors; it would be to consistently give them knowledge while still having them want more. Your landing page can be a huge money earner. Utilize the power of psychology.

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