Competitive Gap Analysis

Competitive gap analysis is a vital tool in any business, providing companies with the opportunity to study their actual performance with their potential performance, or where they would like their business to be. It is all about studying the size of the gap and finding ways to close the distance to make a company stronger and more profitable. With competitive gap analysis, company owners are able to study their products and services, discovering how effective sales are and addressing any weaknesses while building on strengths.

First step is to find out what the known gaps are as well as any potential gaps. A close analysis can help businesses to discover the triggers or reasons why a product or service is not as successful as it could be. Studying the current market can be helpful as well in an effort to anticipate what will be popular and attract sales. Knowing where there is a need and filling it with quality merchandise or services is key.

Once competitive gap analysis has been performed, it is time to take action. This is when powerful discussions can be introduced to sales teams in order to bridge any gaps through creative thinking and intensified efforts. In addition, concentrated efforts in marketing can target any areas of weakness. As those in control of decision-making study any unsatisfactory results, they can attack the problem immediately. Overall, there is a better understanding of a company's performance, what is working and what isn't.It is a responsible choice for any business owner.

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