Improve Conversions with Click Mapping

In order to capitalize on a number of conversions and increase the amount of traffic a website receives it's important to see things from the customer's perspective. If someone lands on a site and finds that the navigation is more trouble than help, they'll click away from the site immediately. Making a site visually pleasing with a simple navigation interface makes things easier for site visitors, and potentially increases the chances of gaining more conversions.

To see exactly how customers and visitors interact with a website is made simple through the use of Click Mapping. Click Mapping is similar to heat mapping, also known as eye tracking, but is much more affordable and just as useful. A click map gives website owners and campaign runners an exact location as to where visitors are clicking. This will give the site owner valuable insight as to what link, picture, or video is most popular.

This visual representation of clicks allows site owners to investigate and find out what's working and what needs tweaking. Though as anyone that has used a click map before already knows, it's not just links that get clicks. People are almost guaranteed to click on what they assume is a link. This can help a site owner create a new link and/or group it with their other links.

Knowing how customers are interacting with a website also allows the owner to determine if the navigation system is clear and concise, or jumbled and confusing. Knowing where the majority of clicks are going allows owners to modify pages and include more links to more pages. This has proven to become a necessary tool for any site whose main goal is conversions. Click Mapping may not improve the overall quality of a site, but it can definitely give important information that can lead to tests and eventually a more successful site.

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