Bounce Rate Reduction

Bounce Rate Reduction is the percentage of website visitors who visit a webpage, but don't visit any other page of the same website. Bounce Rate Reduction is used to determine how effective a landing page is, and is closely monitored both for SEO as well as paid ad campaigns. There are some instances where the sole purpose of a webpage is to provider particular information without requiring the visitor to carry out any other activity on that page. In such circumstances, bounce rate becomes an irrelevant metric. Web analytics such as Google Analytics are used to study the bounce rate of your website.

Different web Analytics professionals recommend different Bounce Rate Reduction thresholds. For instance, Avinash advocates that a bounce rate lower than 30 percent is good for the website. Google Analytics allows users to compare and analyze a website's bounce rate with other websites.

Following are four effective ways to reduce the bounce rate of your website:

Segmentation Method

Monitor the bounce rates for language/geography, traffic source, and browser/operating system to determine segments that offer highest bounce rates. For instance, a webpage's incompatibility with an Internet browser may result in high bounce rate for visitors who come through the respective Internet browser.

Use Keywords with Low Bounce Rates

There are keywords that generally have a high bounce rate. If you're optimizing a campaign using such keywords, consider using another set of keywords or improving the landing page in terms of layout and content to reduce the bounce rate.

Load Times

A webpage's load time is not only integral for SEO of the website, but is equally effective in retaining visitors, i.e., reducing the bounce rate of the website. Remove plugins that are triggering a delayed load time, and optimize webpage's images and codes to reduce the load time.

Caution about External Links

If your content is packed with external links, they may be triggering the high bounce rate as they cause the traffic landing on your website to leave quickly to external sources.

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