Benefit-Oriented Headlines

Every online business is searching for strategies to get the "click" coming their way. Clicks increase business visibility and profitability. Capturing the client's eye is the key to increase conversion rates. So the first thing a potential client comes across is the headline. It's like bait to reel in the fish. If the bait is not tantalizing, then the fish will pass on by. So it's imperative to use benefit-oriented headlines.

Well, what are they? Benefit-oriented headlines are just that. They benefit the business that uses them to drive clients their way. Written correctly, they grab the visitor's attention. There are three types of successful headlines.


Just like half-priced milkshakes will capture your attention, because it would be good for your budget as well as making your mouth satisfied with yummy flavor. The consumer is captured by the headline if they have interest in it due to the fact that, it would bring them some benefits. For example, a headline is written as five tips to excellent resume writing. This may capture more attention than great resume writing. The reader will most likely click the five tips to excellent resume writing. The benefit is a short and concise article that could be easily read within minutes and give the reader something he/she desires which is help to writing an incredible resume.


People in general like to know about how their environment has changed. Here is where a news headline comes in. For example, a headline may read as three new technological advances with cell phones. People like to know something new that's happening to their environment.


Curiosity headlines appeal to our curious nature. For example, a curiosity headline would read as increase earnings by 100%.

Headlines that appeal to self-interest work better. Readers have become cynical to news or curiosity headlines. Lastly, use keywords. Keywords are words that provide information about your services and products. So to increase conversion rates, write those headlines that will provide self-interest to visitors and provide the keywords needed, so that visitors understand the products and services offered.

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