The AuroIN Work Culture

Growth of a company relies on its workforce. Achieving high search engine ranking and optimization requires dedicated work processes. It takes combined effort of a professional team having work ethics. Our dedicated teams of professionals are motivated and inspired by the company ideologies. Our work culture strives to promote professionalism, and creativity to produces innovative outputs. The followings are the ideologies and beliefs, on which our success resides:

Six Key Objectives
  • Work smart
  • Believe in the “Best”
  • Develop a positive attitude and atmosphere.
  • Accept changes and bring changes.
  • Don’t be vary of experimenting and implementing.
  • A motivated and active mind produces effective work.
We the AuroINians:
  • Feel free to approach any AuroINians to share ideas and ask questions in the office. Hierarchy at AuroIN exists only to organize work.
  • Every AuroINians (especially, Managers/Leaders) must ensure that their doors and minds are open to other members of the Team.
  • We believe in an open communication system and strive to maintain it at all times.
  • AuroIN has a strong feedback system. We are always eager to improve ourselves, our work, our knowledge, and our attitude.
  • We also take our clients feedback very seriously to be able to constantly improve our methods and technologies and render best services at all times.
  • We believe and work on the fact that “Honesty is the best policy” As an organization we are transparent and straightforward in our dealings. Each member of our team also endeavors to keep away from hypocrisy, diplomacy and dirty politics.
  • Trust and Faith amongst us and our clients is an essential part of our work culture.
Work Processes:
  • AuroIN’s SEO Experts are the think tanks. They work hard to keep abreast of the latest technologies and innovate and implement continuously for better results. At the AuroIN, most work processes are automated. Automated processes help to build processes that involve maximum automation and minimum paper. We work smart and believe in quality rather than quantity.
  • We are process-oriented. We have set processes for everyone to follow which allows us to maintain quality, efficiency, and productivity while scaling. At AuroIN, we have a professional yet liberated atmosphere. Performance, Productivity, and Effectiveness are essential for growth in the organization, yet we do not believe in pressurizing our team.
  • The goals are set – members have to achieve them through time management and cooperation.
  • All AuroINians are encouraged to keep upgrading their knowledge. The team members are urged to utilize their spare time by surfing the internet or read books to keep abreast with the latest work processes. We support an exhaustive library which stocks many useful books on SEO and related topics.
  • AUROIN belongs to each member who works for it. We uphold the values of our organization and work for the benefit of the organization as well as its members. The above company mission represents the values of AuroIN. All AuroINians are requested to work by the principles above, read them frequently and reinforce them amongst team members, colleagues, superiors, subordinators.