Steps to Take Before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring a digital marketing agency was never easy job rather always a challenge for both the website owners and Agencies. Selecting a wrong digital marketing firm may ruin both of your budget and time resulting nothing. The Founder & Chairman of AuroIN LLC, Mr Annada Prasad Padhy explains how it could be done in an interview with on 31st March 2013. Listen to the Podcast and get the most important questions to be asked before you hire a digital marketing agency for you.

Questions to be asked before hiring an SEO company

Remove question mark  Are they giving 1st page 1st place guarantee?

If yes, I suggest you not work with that company as no SEO company can guarantee the #1 ranking in Google as nobody owns Google algorithm.

Remove question mark  For which keywords is the SEO company ranking on the 1st page? (Do not go, if they are not ranking high for SEO-related, very competitive keywords)

Please find the top ranking keyword for AuroIN here:

Remove question mark  Ask for the real testimonials and case studies? (If someone claims to be a successful SEO company they should have it)

You can go through our client's positive feedback here: Also find the link to successful case studies here:

Remove question mark  Proof that their clients are ranking 1st page for very competitive keywords? (They must have this list of their successful projects)

You can see our client's website with their top ranking keywords here:

Remove question mark  How long have they been in the SEO business? (Should not a new company - many SEO companies die in the first year.)

We are a decade old multinational SEO company.

Remove question mark  How big is the SEO company? (Bigger the better. Start-ups are very risky.)

We have more than 700 experienced SEO experts working with us, each with mostly 3-5 years experience, and our operations are spread across India, Singapore, India. We have clients from all over the world mostly US, UK, Australia, China, India, etc..

Remove question mark  What is their own website Google Page Rank? (Should be 3 and above out of 10)

AuroIN has a page rank of 4/10

Remove question mark  Do they have 24x7 customer support? (A good company should have it to give after sales support)

We use the fastest communication systems and offer 24x7 support via toll-free phone, Skype, e-mail, live chat, video conferencing etc., with a turnaround contact time of 15 minutes.

Remove question mark  Are they flexible to implement your suggestions too?

AuroIN is always open to receive feedback from its clients and welcomes suggestions.

Remove question mark  Do they have locking period or contract for several months? (If, yes then do not go with the company)

All our plans are pre-paid and month to month subscriptions. You can experience and judge the quality of our service every month and are free to upgrade/downgrade/terminate the plan as per your desire. Our clients are not bound by any kind of locking periods. That means you are not forced to stay with us if you are not satisfied with our services.

Remove question mark  How do they define the quality of a link?

We do the link building manually and follow Google techniques (white hat methods) so that the links you get will be more qualitative and theme relevant.

Remove question mark  How do they evaluate the success? Are they going to send weekly reports and daily updates?

You can evaluate the progress of the work done with AuroIN. We will be sending you the weekly reports mentioning the details of the activities done in the week, keyword ranking progress, etc..

Remove question mark  Which CRM are they using for reporting and tracking?

To increase the productivity and promptness in serving our clients we are using ZOHO CRM being also used by the best companies in the world.

Remove question mark  What are the deliverables and road maps?

Please click here: to get the deliverable list.

Remove question mark  Do they have the clear process of the SEO campaign?

We have an exact process of what we do in the initial month here: which helps the client to understand the work flow of the project.

Remove question mark  Do they have online reputation?

We have a strong online reputation because of our client's positive feedbacks.

Remove question mark  Can they visit your office and meet you as a person if required?

We send our experts time to time to meet our clients in person as required.

Remove question mark  Do they give special offer?

We have special offers for referrals and upgrades.

Remove question mark
  Do they make you feel that you are very special customer to them?

Customer satisfaction is the top priority given by us. We make our clients feel that they are very special to us.

Remove question mark
  Are they into SEO as well as web development, web hosting and many others?

If yes, they may not deliver quality SEO work. Choose the company who only specializes in SEO.