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STPI Award

AuroIN bags the highly prestigious STPI Export Awards for 2013-14, Odisha as the Top IT/ITES Exporter in Tier III Cities. This is yet another achievement for offering excellent service to the state of Odisha. The more than a decade old digital marketing company has made huge strides in the field of Internet Marketing, and has also made its presence felt all across the world.

AuroIN@Local News paper

In the mid of the year 2013, AuroIN had organized a grand celebration of its company named as 'Spandan – 2013', which was a great success. Held on 7th August, 2013, the function was attended by almost 300 IT professionals from all over the Odisha. With its hugely developing success in the field of SEO, the chief guest Mr. Madhusudan Padhi and the honorable guests Mr. Philip, Priyadarshini Mishra and Mr. Tarini Charan Padhi present, not only appreciated the company for its tremendous growth but also wished for its further more development. Then the CMD of the company, Mr. Annada Prasad Padhi present also shared some of his experience and conveyed hearty thanks to the guests who by finding some time from their busy schedule have come a long way for making this event a successful and memorable one. The event then proceeded with the welcome note of Lenin Mohanty, who introduced himself and the company to other guests who were also present there. Then the various cultural events organized by the employees, made the event fun filled and slowly brought it to an end.

AuroIN Certifications

AuroIN, has been accredited by Better Business Bureau, NASSCOM and legally registered by Government of India under the Trade Mark Act, 1999 for it's legitimate SEO service. Our company is almost a decade old in SEO business and utilizes real strategies that can blend a great demand in website's marketing plan. We are a trustful, transparent, licensed and responsible business owners and aim to give the best to our clients. Council of BBB has graded us in A+ category for advancing the online marketplace with trust and legacy. We have brought forth heaps of changes in the temple city of Bhubaneswar. Government of India has also given us a license to trade in respect of computer programming and computer software. This has been issued on 23rd of February, 2011 and is valid till now. AuroIN LLC is a certified member of NASSCOM which ensures that our company is providing qualitative service and enforces a better platform for Indian software and BPO industry. The company CMD Mr. Annada Padhy has taken large efforts for this company to put it in a height of success with it's team of experts. His employees implements the latest SEO plans that can crave out their clients business with quality and not with quantity.

AuroIN State Export Award

AuroIN has been awarded with “Best Electronic and Software Group” for year 2010-11 on 11th December, 2013. We feel proud to announce that we have been rewarded with a trophy and a merit certificate by Directorate of Export Promotion and Marketing, MSME Department, Govt. of Odisha for our impeccable performance. Our company came out with flying colors in this award ceremony. Sri Panchanan Das, honorable secretary, Govt. of Odisha, MSME Dept. handed over the trophy and certificate to Mrs. Archana Padhy, CEO of AuroIN. She received the award on behalf of our company and some other HR staffs also accompanied her. Our company made a remarkable presence in the ceremony for our exceptional marketing success and got recognized by several other renowned companies in Odisha State. This award ceremony basically aimed at enhancement of small scale enterprise and large scale enterprise in Odisha, so that they can build a greater Odisha in in the near future. We created a benchmark through our efforts and team spirit and will do the same always.


To gain an ultimate business exposure within the ICT fraternity, AuroIN has actively participated in Bangalore ITE.BIZ-2013. Two of our specialized members, Mr. Smruti Ranjan Biswal and Mr. Nilakantha Jena had joined the IT summit and represented our SEO services in the “Silicon City”. Our experts have created a strong presence among 750 plus organizations with their Internet marketing knowledge. The event took place on 22 October, 2013 and went on for 3 days. We have given a commendable presentation on largest future aspects of SEO services and SEO companies in India and worldwide. All the sessions were addressed by some renowned organization such as Infosys, Wipro, Mphasis, Cognizant, HoneyWell, etc. Our eminent speakers provided valuable information and knowledge about latest online marketing strategies. AuroIN members got a positive feedback from all national and international delegates came to attend the conference. This 16th edition, ICT event was focused on modern technology and services and our experts showed all entrepreneurs an innovative idea to drive a greater future growth.

AuroIN Picnic

On the eve of new year 2014, AuroIN had conducted a picnic to the Jahania Beach in Astarang, Odisha, for its employees on January 19th, 2014. With all the senior employees working there took the initiative and made all the necessary arrangements. With nearly 60 employees being a part of this, along with the CMD Mr. Annada Prasad Padhi and CEO Mrs Archana Padhi, made the picnic even much more enjoyable. Making the transportation facility easily available, the company had arranged a bus for its employees which directly picked up the employees from the office premises sharp at 9 am and dropped them at the spot finalized. Before reaching the destination, the employees along with the seniors played antakshari and even danced on various songs and made the trip even more fun filled. After reaching, everyone ran towards the beach and started taking a dip. All the male employees played Kabaddi and the female employees showed their talent by turning out to be a great cook. Then after having a delicious and tasty lunch, it was time for returning back. During returning also the employees got engaged in various extra curricular activities and this way finally reached the destination, making the picnic a big memorable one.

AuroIN Blood Donation Camp

Like every year, on the year 2013 also, AuroIN had conducted a blood donation camp in its office premises in Bhubaneswar on 15th of November, 2013. The employees working, made this camp a successful one by coming forth and enrolling their name for participating in this noble cause. Supporting this noble initiative time-to-time, AuroIN family with a considerable number of employees as well as senior members of management made this event a hugely successful one by turning up for donating their blood. The blood camp was able to get more than 40 units of blood from AuroIN, with an expectation of further increase in its number in the near future. All the necessary arrangements for the donors were made by the company and the blood donation process was carried out under the supervision of trained technicians. Keeping in eye the safety and health condition of the donors, various nutritious foods were bought for them in order to drive away their weakness, resulted due to donating blood. The honorable CMD Mr. Annada Prasad Padhi, also being a part of the donation camp, made the camp successful, which started from 11 am onwards and continued till 3 pm on the same day.


7th August, 2013 – AuroIN family had organized a grand event both for the employees and its staff named as 'Spandan'. The mid year celebration not only brought immense pleasure among the employees but also created a sense of enthusiasm within themselves. Venued at IDCOL Auditorium, Bhubaneswar, the presence of our CMD Mr. Annada Prasad Padhy and CEO Mrs. Archana Padhy made the event a huge successful one. Honorable guests from Berhampur and Philip were also present there, who motivated the employees with their motivational and inspiring speech. Then the award distribution ceremony got started where employees from various departments were awarded for their tremendous achievement and contribution towards making AuroIN what it is today. After that the employees presented some cultural activities such as song, dance, drama, etc with respect to the guests present. Then with AuroIN theme song and dinner arranged, the program came to an end peacefully.

AuroIN @ Odisha Review

On the annual day of AuroIN, honorable CMD Mr. Annada Prasad Padhy published the special IT magazine named “Aurodeep” at IDCOL auditorium. The presence of Dr. Lenin Mohanty, Editor of Odisha Review gave a boost to the entire AuroIN family. A message to the youth from the CMD who are dreaming to be successful in their life, “The dreams when blended with imagination gives rise to hope. If a company like AuroIN from Odisha can get international recognition then why not others. If you have a clear imagination to achieve something then one-day you will definitely reach your destination.” Every year AuroIN publishes this IT magazine to create awareness among employees and with an aim to work for a better today and tomorrow.

AuroIN Cricket Team

You might have heard about lot companies and it's working culture. But have you ever heard of a company's sporting culture? We have played a lot of matches in prestigious tournaments like VAR India, We For You Cricket Tournament, Corporate Cricket Tournament etc. Especially our CEO, who among all the employees is a greatest cricket fan. That's why we were given permission to spend 4 to 6 hours in practice session and those days were counted as working day.

In We For You at KIIT Campus we won 3 games and were on the semi's. All the hopes were lying on our shoulder to take our dream to won the cup but unfortunately we fail to succeed, but till the the last ball bowled we were on the game. In this tournament we have beaten teem like Tatwa, Mindfire, Sambad.

We have taken part in the most prestigious tournament Var India at Infosys campus. We fought bravely and won couple of games to reach the semi's but fail short of 5 to 10 runs to reach the final. We have beaten teams like AABSyS, Exilant but finally beaten by Discoverture, but still our player got the man of the match trophy for a spectacular performance. That our luck was not with us but our faith was there with us. Our CEO send us a message that it's not a matter of fact we win or loose, but it matters how we played.

You will not find such a environment where all the employees who were seems to be lock the horn with the opponents on the field. We were on the field but people thought that they won the game for us. The kind of support they offered to us even if a struggling team can win the game but we were one of the strongest sight of the tournament. You will rarely find a friendly environment where CEO seats among the employees to see the match. It's about not accepting every little challenge thrown at you. Sometimes you hold back and when it's needed you go for it.

AuroIN Get together

AuroIN organized a get together party at Sikharchandi Hills, a holy place foggy morning, lovely sun arose lately, birds were singing all around and our AuroIN family spending some quality time over there. It's called a great together not just get together.

A special day, special moment for all the employees as AuroIN brought a land in Infocity campus. Actually these kind of program is very beneficial for a company to have great working environment. Have you ever imagined of employees doesn't know each other, not talking to each other? How awkward do they feel to work and how will be the working culture? So, it' been a great pleasure to going for outings together and all the members will come out of their comfort zone to celebrate the moments. It really helped to know each other personally.

When there is get together there will be list of food items. Mutton, Chicken, Matar Paneer and variety of other items made it a day to be remembered. It's the real time where a barrier of position comes to an end and all were above the law. The day comes and goes but the memories stay refreshed and will remain forever.

AuroIN @ InvestBhubaneswar

Mr. Annada Padhy honorable CMD of AuroIN invited to be a part of Invest Bhubaneswar, 4th Odisha Symposium opened by Mr. Jugal Kishore Mohapatra, Chief Secretary of Odisha, in Hotel Crown. The three day-long event connected investors and entrepreneurs with the power-packed motivational speech by Akash Gautam.

Dr. Arindam Dutta, Expert, Innovation and Incubation spoke about the various obstacles an ambitious entrepreneur may face while starting up a project and how to overcome them. It was an inspiring event both young and veteran entrepreneurs.

Mr. Venkatesh Muruthappan, Vice President explained on Electronic Semiconductor Design and Manufacturing and Mr. Venkatesh Muruthappan, VP of Indian Semiconductor Association (ISA) emphasized on the importance of getting into the sector as it is the high time to produce our own products in order to cut down expenditure on imports. Mr. Annada Padhy also enlightened the audience by speaking about new technologies coming to the market and how we can cope up with the it.

Investors and venture capitalists like Deepak Daitari, Arijit Bhattacharya, Anirudh Sahani, Arindam Dutta and Anil Joshi who were are an integral part of this event ventilated their areas of concern before the audience and emerging entrepreneurs just before the B2B session.